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Research Papers on Pre-Columbian Civilizations

Research papers on pre-columbian civilizations can focus on one particular civilization or on many. You tell our writers exactly what you need to focus the research paper on and we will custom write your project on any pre-columbian society.

Although the history of the Americas often begins in 1492, with Christopher Columbus’ accidental discovery of the New World, entire civilizations rose and fell before the arrival of Europeans. These pre-Columbian civilizations are often marked by striking contrasts between technical achievements and extreme brutality, while others developed advanced agricultural techniques. Both North and South America were extensively populated before the arrival of Europeans, who brought disease and destruction in their wake.

Pre-Columbian CivilizationsPre-Columbian civilizations can be dated to the ancient recesses of history, when Asiatic wanderers crossed the Bering Land Bridge about 20,000 years ago. These Paleo-Indians spread throughout the Americas. By 8000 BCE, climatic stability allowed for permanent settlements and population expansion. One of the earliest pre-Columbian civilizations were the Mississippians, characterized by their large earthen mounds.

Many may be more familiar with some of the pre-Columbian civilizations of Mesoamerica, including the following:

These civilizations constructed the great pyramids of Central America, and developed mathematical calendars that remain accurate. Also noteworthy are the Inca of Peru, one of the last great pre-Columbian civilizations of the Americas, conquered by the Spanish in 1533. Machu Picchu remains an iconic example of the greatness of the Incan Empire.

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