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Power in Politics Research Papers

Power can exist at many levels, from interpersonal relationships to governmental positions.  It is a research paper on power in politics that shows that this type of power has the potential to affect or control more of society.  While most citizens are free to run for political office, realistically few can.  The common laborer, for example, is restricted by his or her inability to be absent from work to campaign actively.  Other individuals may be restricted by the fact that they are members of a known powerless group: society’s prejudices will keep them from being elected.

Power in PoliticsTypically and understandably, elected officials often desire to use their power to facilitate their position and to maintain their wealth and power.  They will further the causes and interests of their particular ingroup, rather than addressing the concerns of the masses.

John Stuart Mill proposed the power elite model, which suggests the following:

  1. A small group of powerful people make almost all the important decisions in the United States
  2. The people in power are primarily individuals within the federal government, including the president and cabinet, and executives who run the top corporations in the United States. 
  3. The individuals who have benefited most from capitalism are in control of the general populace.

Thus, in practice, the freedoms suggested by the theory of capitalism are restricted by those in power. The first tenet should include the phrase “with the permission of the government.” People are not permitted to own and produce anything they wish.  Zoning laws restrict what people may construct on their own property and how they may otherwise utilize it. Individuals who desire to own and operate television and radio stations must first receive a license to do so from the FCC. Many public services, such as railway and bus transportation systems are owned and operated by municipalities. The scheduling of such systems greatly impacts specific operations and political science organizations.  Certain businesses are given special tax, electricity, and water rates to establish a company in a particular location, while others are discouraged.

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