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Post Civil War Research Papers

Post Civil War research papers can discuss many topics that affected America after the brutal war. Topics on equal rights, freedom and racism are just a few of interesting paths your research project can take.

In many ways, the post-Civil War era was one of the most dynamic periods in American history. While the South lay in ruins, the industrial might of the North took over, and expanded westward. Post Civil WarIn post-Civil War America, the follwing came about:

  • Transcontinental railroad was completed, linking east and west
  • The frontier was breached leading to the cattle kingdom
  • The various mining booms began that characterized the “Wild West.”

Post-Civil War America was immediately concerned with the process of Reconstruction. No less than three Constitutional amendments were passed, securing freedom, citizenship, and equal rights for African Americans. However, many soon grew tired of the issue, and slowly the South was allowed to revert to its antebellum, racist ways. The New South may have risen from the ashes, but the presence of Jim Crow assured inequality for another century.

One of the reasons that the South lost the Civil War was that it had no heavy industry. In the post-Civil War era, industrialism reached new heights in America. The demand for coal, iron, and steel was insatiable, and not only led to the fabulous wealth of the Gilded Age, but the deplorable working conditions which presaged the rise of the modern industrial labor movement. Violent strikes were quite common across numerous industries, as workers fought (literally) for an improvement in their living and working conditions.

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