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Population and the Third World

Sociology research papers on Third World Population Problems can be ordered from Paper Masters that contain many issues of population control. The increase in Third World population is referred to as a population bomb because if current trends continue unabated, the numbers of people in these regions will increase to the point that there will be insufficient production of food and other necessities to sustain them.  As a result of the increase in population, the general health of the people will decline due to insufficient medical care and sanitation, which will reduce the overall life expectancy in the regions.  In addition, the large numbers of people will consume the already scarce resources, making it increasingly difficult for the regions to sustain the long-term industrial and agricultural development necessary to support a large population base.  Population and the Third WorldThis will prevent the demographic transition from occurring in these areas, with the high fertility rate continuing to be controlled by the high mortality rate.  The contrast between the Third World nations that perceive a need for large families in order to insure that some offspring survive and the trend toward smaller families in the industrialized nations supports the demographic transition theory.  This contends that that modernization reduced the need for and the value of larger numbers of children in a family due to lower mortality rates.

The outcome of the reduced fertility rates in the industrialized nations, however, is that the population has a higher median age than in the Third World nations.  As a result, there is an increasing burden on younger workers to produce sufficient goods and services to support not only themselves, but also the elderly population that is no longer productive in the workforce.  In general, this tends to have a negative impact on the economies of industrialized nations, require higher productivity from those individuals in the workforce in order to maintain the overall standard of living in the society.



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