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Political Science Essay

Does this Political Science Essay assignment look familiar? Many professor’s assign topics just like this and our writers custom write each one.

This essay should include an extremely brief history and 90% analyzing of the question of using notes, lecture notes and readings ONLY - no outside information. At least 10 sources needed.

Political Science Essay

The Essay Question Instructions:

Write an essay on ONE of the two questions below. Your essay should be approximately 1400 words. You should use lectures and assigned course readings only; do not reference outside sources. Include citations where appropriate and a bibliography with your essay.

1. Extremist violence is often portrayed in the media as carried out by irrational actors brainwashed by ideology and lacking a real logic or goals. Yet many political scientists argue that, to the contrary, terrorism is a calculated strategy toward clearly definable goals. Consider the use of extremist violence in the Arab-Israeli conflict since the signing of Oslo I in 1993. What is the strategic logic of those who carry it out? What do they hope to achieve? Have they been successful?

2. Several types of negotiations have been attempted to advance peace between Palestinians and Israel. An incremental approach was taken in the Oslo process, during which the parties adopted a series of piecemeal agreements with the aim of eventually resolving all outstanding issues. A comprehensive approach was adopted at Camp David II, when negotiators attempted to reach a peace deal that would resolve all issues at once. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each of these negotiation styles (incremental and comprehensive)? Which more effectively advances the peace process, and why?

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