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Policy management projects can focus on any number of policies related to politics or administration of any organization. Have Paper Masters custom write your policy management project. With a focus on the 2006 National Strategy for Combating Terrorism, compare and contrast with the 2003 National Strategy for Combating Terrorism and the policy implications of implementation in the Policy Management Project Research Paper (this model can be refined further by the author in accordance with the requirements below).

Policy Management Project

The major purpose of the Policy Management Project Research Paper is to integrate consideration of analytic and management issues in the pursuit of solutions to a policy problem/ issue.

At its core, policy management is about identifying and analyzing alternatives, advocating specific options and approaches, and devising and delivering programs. In general, the project should be a strategy paper that does the following things:

  1. Introduces the policy problem to be addressed. The problem should be described as specifically as possible. For example, a general issue in public policy – say, “education reform” – is not appropriate for this paper. Rather, continuing the example of education reform, a more specific topic might be “Developing an Evaluation Framework for Charter Schools in Philadelphia, PA.” In some cases, analysis of the problem could itself be a key part of the inquiry.
  2. Discusses the key individuals and institutions relevant to the policy problem. For example, such individuals and institutions could include senior government officials, government agencies, international organizations, the media, corporations, interest groups, etc.
  3. Identifies at least four alternative approaches to solving the policy problem, and describes the criteria that will be used to assess the relative merit of each alternative approach.
  4. Analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative approach, including associated resource constraints.
  5. Recommends a preferred approach and provides the rationale for selecting this approach.
  6. Describes an implementation strategy necessary to adopt the preferred approach. The implementation strategy should take into account any relevant resource and political issues.

Specific Details on the Policy Management Project Research Paper:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Key Individuals and Institutions
  4. Identification and Analysis of Alternatives
  5. Recommended Approach
  6. Implementation Strategy
  7. Conclusion

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