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Police Unbound: Corruption, Abuse and Heroism

In a book report on Police Unbound: Corruption, Abuse and Heroism, it is reported that former Minneapolis police chief Bouza discusses race and class and their effects of street policing. The book report recognizes the importance of police officers as public servants, but knows that they often fail to protect society equally.  The book report on Police Unbound identifies problems with localized racism and the powerful police unions that allow officers to act in an irresponsible manner and then cover it up, or ensure that they serve no sentences.  Police Unbound: Corruption, Abuse and HeroismPolice Unbound also recognizes a brotherly society among police officers that demands allegiance, thus those who do not typically abuse power themselves will cover for the entire department. In this way what he terms a “blue wall of silence” is built around the police system as a whole.

He describes the power of police officers as awesome, and much more private than should be for public officials.  It is his opinion that the temptation to abuse power is often overwhelming for public servants who are paid little and daily exposed to underworld connections. He also gave examples of how prejudice influences a police officer.  Bouza, like others, recommended incorporating more minorities into the police force.  However, some of his suggestions try to displace the blame of problems discussed earlier.  For example, he suggested that releasing the mentally ill from hospitals and hoping they take their medication is irresponsible, signifying that perhaps police officers should not have to deal with the mentally ill.

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