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Research Papers on Poland

Research papers on Poland can cover the history, geography, politics or sociology of the country that has changed repeatedly over the past centuries. Have the writers at Paper Masters custom write a project on Poland and its people or government. Whatever the topic, our writers can explicate how Poland fits into the world economy, political arena or international scene.

Poland is land with many different geological features. The country has forests, mountains, and plains. The capital of Poland is Warsaw. Warsaw is known for its rich history and notable architecture. The Baltic Sea, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, the Beskid mountains, Carpathian Mountains, the Sudeten mountains, the Neissee River, and the Oder river border Poland. Even though mountains make up several of the nations boarders, most of the country is made up of low lands.


Before World War II, Poland was made up of many different ethnic communities. After the war, most remaining inhabitants claim Polish ethnicity. The official language of Poland is Polish, which is a Slavic language. The Polish constitution allows for religious freedom. The most practiced religion in Poland is the Roman Catholicism. Other religious groups include Polish Lutherans, Evangelicals, and Polish Orthodox. Some communities of Polish Jews remain in Poland. There are also small groups of Muslims, Seventh-day Adventists, and Jehovah’s Witnesses in Poland as well.

Agriculture, trade, and manufacturing are important parts of the Polish economy. Poland is also a country rich in natural resources, such as the following:

  • Bituminous coal and brown coal are both found in the country.
  • Petroleum and natural gas are also found in the country.
  • Sulfur, salt, chalk, and marble are also important natural resources for Poland’s economy. Machinery, textiles, coal, and food are some of the most common exports that help support the economy.
  • Machinery, fuel, and chemicals are the major imports.

Since World War II, Poland has seen an influx in the urban industrial working class. Many people moved in from rural areas into cities. It is estimated that about three fifths of Poland’s population lives in an urban area.

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