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Planning Ethics Research Papers

Planning ethics research papers can look at the ethical ramification for government planning in the private or public sector. You can get assistance in your research on ethical consideration for planning by ordering a custom written project from Paper Masters. Our professional writers with backgrounds in government and public service will write your research project on any aspect of planning ethics that you need to outline or explicate in a paper.

Research papers on urban planning are frequently assigned in college courses at the upper level. The issues that urban planners face are complex and ethical ramifications are often involved. 

  • Planning ethics is an area of study that seeks to find out the underlying motives in urban planning in the private and public sector. Planning Ethics
  • The interest in planning ethics for your research paper lies in the fact that the issues that planners face in the public sector and the private sector are very different depending upon whose interests the planner is trying to accommodate.
  • Thus one can see how ethical issues could come about when situations call for balancing harm or benefits in planning.

Private Sector

Your research paper will want to begin by focusing on the private and the public sector for urban planners. For continuity sake begin by looking at the private sector and the issues that planners face when attempting to advance interests well not violating the law or leading to negative publicity for the organization. Depending upon the type of business or industry, the benefits from an urban planner's course of action can have far-reaching effects for the stakeholders involved. There must balanced, pragmatic approach engaged in while avoiding the conflict of special interest pressures  that come from an organization that may place a great priority on advancing short term stakeholder profitability. This is just one type of conflict of interest that planning ethics run into in the private sector.

Public Sector

After looking closely at the private sector, you will then want to look at the public sector and ethical dilemmas involved for the urban planner.  These are often very different problems than in the private sector. Often times in the public sector the type of stakeholders and the amount of stakeholders are often exponentially larger than the private sector. This increases the complexity of ethical decisions due to the vast amount of stakeholders and the varying opinions that play a part in urban planning.

Planning ethics is a very complex topic for any research paper. If you need help delineating the ideas and the roads to take when formulating a planning ethics project get help from Paper Masters and ease your stress.

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