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The Pirates of the New England Coast Research Papers

One of the most interesting aspects of the history of the United States is the battle with piracy. Research papers on the pirates of the New England coast line can focus on piracy or review the book by John Henry Edmonds on these pirates. Get a custom paper written by our history experts that illustrates just how to review the book or write research on the topic of piracy when America was first settled.

  • The Pirates of the New England Coast, by George Francis Dow and John Henry Edmonds, was first published in 1923
  • The book has come out in numerous editions since, the most recent being 1996, at 480 pages. The Pirates of the New England Coast
  • The Pirates of the New England Coast Book Report focuses on essentially the same time period as The Golden Age of Piracy, but with emphasis on the piracy that came from or primarily operated in the New England area.
  • Of these, the most famous is William Kidd, but the primary emphasis is on the dreadful Ned Low, whose brutal behavior was responsible for much of piracy’s bad name.

The style of The Pirates of the New England Coast Book Report is interesting and anecdotal, with each chapter focusing on a particular pirate or on a person impressed into service on a pirate vessel. The numerous engravings and maps aid in the understanding of the text.

The Pirates of the New England Coast is more entertaining and personal, but less concerned with the historical context than is Rankin’s The Golden Age of Piracy book, and the level of writing makes it suitable for a younger reader. The Pirates of the New England Coast accounts are easy to follow, and the footnoting of sources makes it convenient for the reader to determine the references. The Pirates of the New England Coast Book Report sheds light on an overlooked area of pirate history; Dow’s understanding of naval matters and the New England waters in particular lend credence to its account. Although perhaps not to be considered a primary source, The Pirates of the New England Coast is nevertheless interesting, and a good source for understanding the day-to-day doings of a pirate’s life.

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