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Physician Assisted Suicide Research Papers

Physician assisted Suicide research papers look at the medical health topic from an ethical, moral or purely medical standpoint. Whatever side of the issue you wish to take, Paper Masters can cover the topic from your point of view because all of our projects are custom written and directed by you.

Physician assisted suicide, euthanasia, and the right to die movement are all terms that have been used to describe what many believe, is their right to decide when life ends. Physician Assisted SuicideResearch papers written on physician assisted suicide illustrate that for thousands of patients suffering from life threatening illness, the legalization of physician assisted suicide brings with it the hope that they will not have to suffer prolonged lives at the hands of medical science. As science and technology become more adept at prolonging the lives of terminally ill patients, many have begun to wonder if assisted suicide will provide the only recourse for those wishing to end their lives with hope and dignity. Physician assisted suicide is known by the following terms:

Vital Flow and Suicide

The idea that medical technology has created a vortex of care that can, in some instances, be inescapable is an observation that has been made by a number of authors.  As new medical technology capable of taking over the function of the lungs and heart became more readily available, the basic medical definition of life, as “vital flow,” which centers around the ability of the heart and lungs to push vital nutrients throughout the body, had to be readapted in 1981 to better suit the needs of a technologically advanced medical community.  The Presidential Commission for Medical Ethics and Biomedical and Behavioral Research changed the focus of the definition of life from the heart and lungs to the brain.  By the new definition, “Death now occurs only when the whole brain ceases to function". The end result is that those patients that manifest even the smallest amount of brain function are considered to be alive.  This promulgates the continuation of life for thousands of patients who remain in a vegetative, semi-conscious state of mind. Order a medical health term paper that examines this ethical dilemma of physician assisted suicide.

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