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Philosophy of Leadership Research Papers

You can use any organization you like in a philosophy of leadership paper to illustrate what are various types of leadership philosophies. The writers at Paper Masters will take an organization or a specific leader and examine the philosophy behind that person's leadership abilities or that organization's goals and history.

Your philosophy of leadership paper should examine the need for a sound definition of leadership for America’s military forces and describes the character traits that are most important in the nation’s military leaders. The essay may want to do the following:

  1. Analyze the importance of leadership principles within an organization such as the military
  2. Explains why a clearly defined philosophy of leadership for guiding America’s leaders is now more essential than ever.
  3. For example, particularly when one considers the loosely organized, stateless actors, including terrorists, against which America’s military forces increasingly battle, a solid philosophy of leadership emerges as crucial to defining the vision of how a well-led unit should behave.Philosophy of Leadership

For a variety of reasons, leadership philosophy has always been recognized and acknowledged as crucially important to military organizations. For instance, military organizations have long appreciated the power of effective leaders to affect the levels of motivation and the performance of subordinate soldiers. Consequently, considerable resources have been devoted to leadership development with the aim of improving organizational effectiveness. A sound philosophy of leadership is also recognized as critical in providing the understanding of the factors that are associated with, and that contribute to effective leadership). Leadership philosophy supplies the framework around which military organizations design their continual procedures for training and developing effective leaders within the military.

In addition, effective leadership is also crucial to the health and safety of soldiers exposed to numerous and varied sources of stress—from comparatively minor physical discomforts to grave physical danger. Effective leadership is also crucial for military units and organizations operating under conditions of chronic stress, where inappropriate responses to stressors could seriously undermine troops’ mental health status and immune system functioning. Unfortunately, however, much of the vast literature on leadership is mainly anecdotal or theoretical in nature and weakened by vague and conflicting research findings.

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