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Philosophical Works

Philosophical Works research paper topics offer the opportunity for students to find the perfect topic for a research paper project. Below there are many Philosophical Works topics to choose from ranging from Augustine and Sextus Empiricus, Discourse on the Origin of Inequality, The Republic and many more. Don't see what you need here? Call us and we will help you formulate the best philosophy research project you've ever read.


Philosophical Works Research Paper Topic Suggestions

Allegory of the Cave- Allegory of the Cave Research Paper discusses a part of the book of Republic by Plato that explains the nature of reality and of human knowledge of that reality.

The Analects and Apology- Analects and Apology Term Paper compares and contrasts these two pieces of philosophy by Confucius and Plato.

Augustine and Sextus Empiricus – Augustine and Sextus Empiricus term papers compare and contrast the two philosophers.

Augustine’s City of God – Term paper attempts to analyze selected passages from Augustine’s City of God.

Bertrand Russell Books - Essays on Bertrand Russell books overview the numerous books and essays he wrote throughout his career.

Beyond Good and Evil - Beyond Good and Evil term papers discuss the book by Nietzsche.

The Commonwealth According to Hobbes – Commonwealth According to Hobbes term papers analyze Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan in light of how to govern a sovereignty.

Communist Manifesto – Communist Manifesto term papers overview and on the famous book by Karl Marx.

Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau – Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau term papers examine the autobiographical text that highly influenced the French Revolution.

Crito – This discussion will demonstrate that Socrates arguments in “Crito” focus on the conflict between one’s obligation as a citizen and one’s beliefs.

Discourse on the Origin of Inequality – Discourse on the Origin of Inequality term paper analyzes Rousseau’s famous text.

Essays, Moral and Political - Essays, Moral and Political research papers examine the two volume work by philosopher David Hume that combined his earlier work with his essays Four Dissertations.

Euthyphro – Euthyphro term papers tell of the dialogue that takes place when Socrates travels to court.

Gorgias – Gorgias term papers discuss one of Plato’s dialogue, which discusses the nature of art and excellence.

Hobbes’ Leviathan – Hobbes’ Leviathan research papers argue that civil peace and social unity are best achieved by the establishment of a commonwealth through social contract.

Illusion of Free Will- The Illusion of Free Will Research Paper examines an article written by Paul Holbach that explains free will of man as nothing more than a natural phenomena controlled by forces of nature.

John Stuart Mill Utilitarianism - John Stuart Mill Utilitarianism research papers discuss one of John Mill's most famous philosophical works that explores normative ethics.

Levinas’ Meaning and Sense – Write a term paper on a specific article by Emmanuel Levinas “Meaning and Sense”.

Lucretius on the Nature of Things - Lucretius on the Nature of Things research papers examine the didactic poem by the Roman philosopher Lucretius.

Machiavelli’s Art of War – Machiavelli’s Art of War demonstrates the centrality of the concept of state to Machiavelli’s thought and how the existence of the state is a necessary precondition for the development of a separate reason based upon it.

Machiavelli’s The Discourses – In Machiavelli’s The Discourses compared ancient Rome with modern Christianity.

Modern Philosophy - Modern Philosophy research papers on the introduction of modern philosophy, by Rene Descartes, that began in the 17th Century and lasted until the 20th Century.

Nicomachean Ethics - Nicomachean Ethics research paper discuss Aristotle’s answer to the question of how a man should live.

On Duty- On Duty Research Paper explores an outline written by Cicero for his son about the principles which man must follow in order to be moral.

On LibertyOn Liberty term papers, illustrate clearly Mill’s ideas on individuality.

On The Nature of Things - A research paper on Lucretius’ On The Nature of Things discuss the didactic poem that seeks to explain Epicurean thought through verse.

The Prince - The Prince research paper due and don’t know how to start it? Paper Masters can help!

The Republic- The Republic Term Paper examines an order placed on a piece of literature by Plato, the order requires you to explain and defend your point of view.

The Republic by Plato (360 B.C) – Greatest of Plato’s works. Influenced Western thought concerning the questions of justice, rule, obedience, the state and man.

Second Treatise on Civil Government – Locke’s The Second Treatise on Civil Government, published in 1690, is more than slightly responsible for the modern liberal-democratic state.

The Social Contract - Social Contract term papers disclose that Rousseau argued that only when citizens engage in what is the "common good" will there be hope for the good of the public to be carried out.

Subjection of Women - The Subjection of Women: John Stewart Mill’s last work in which he explored the notion that the case for ending the subjection of women is daunting yet his contemporary circumstances made it propitious for their emancipation.

Summa Theologica - Summa Theologica research papers examine the work, by medieval theologian St. Thomas Aquinas, that was designed to be a comprehensive guide to the main theological teachings of the Catholic Church.

Symposium – Symposium term papers discuss the dialogue by Plato in which Socrates praises love.

The Tao Te Ching - The Tao Te Ching research papers discuss the Chinese text used to perpetuate the philosophy of Taoism.

Thoreau's Walden - The best known work of Henry David Thoreau, Walden is a Transcendentalist reflection on Thoreau’s social experiment in simple living.

Treatise of Human Nature - Treatise of Human Nature research papers look into the philosophical work by Scottish thinker David Hume.

Two Treatises of GovernmentTwo Treatises of Government presents John Locke’s view of the origins of civil governments and the proper relationship between individuals and those governments.

Walden – Walden research papers show that Walden is a document in which Thoreau converses freely with nature through Walden Pond.

Walden Two – Walden Two term papers discuss B.F. Skinner’s approach to the concept of utopia in society.

What is an American – Term paper on “What is an American?” by Hector St. John de Crevecoeur.