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Research Papers on Pharmacology for Nurses

Pharmacology is the branch of medicine that studies drug interaction. Paper Masters custom writes research papers for nurses that have topics in pharmacology to write on. Get professional help for writing on pharmacology issues and topics.

An important and growing segment of the nursing profession requires nurse professionals to have extensive knowledge of pharmacology. Nurses and nursing professionals are increasingly the front line in the medical community, delivering and administering drugs to patients.

Pharmacology is not the same as pharmacy. Pharmacology deals with the biological effects of medication, not their dispensation, although the field of pharmacy applies the principles of pharmacology.

Nursing and Pharmacology

Pharmacology for Nurses

Nurses will administer a wide range of drugs through the course of a day. There are medications that affect the immune system, medications for pain and inflammation, drugs that affect the nervous system, the cardiovascular system, and the blood, among many others. Pharmacology requires that nurses understand how such drugs interact with the body, in addition to how multiple medications may interact with each other.

Most nurse education programs require students to take coursework in pharmacology. All of these classes will have different titles, such as:

  • Fundamentals of Pharmacology
  • Nursing Applications of Pharmacology
  • Pharmacology and Implications for Nurses

Each course is a vital part of nurse education, and many programs will require more than one course in pharmacology for the completion of a degree. Because pharmacology is an ever-expanding field, nurses must be able to keep up with categories of new medications.

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