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Peter Diamond and the Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize is an international award given each year to an individual or individuals who have made a significant contribution in the field of medicine, literature, economics, physics, chemistry or the promotion of world peace. Peter Diamond was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for 2010 along with two other winners. Peter Diamond and the Nobel PrizeThe Nobel Foundation recognized Peter Diamond with the Nobel Prize in response to the work that he has done in the development of methods for identifying how markets function. Peter Diamond’s work throughout his lengthy career however has covered many other aspects of economics and its impact on society and on the labor market in particular. Peter Diamond, who was born in 1940, is married with two children, has achieved many accomplishments leading up to his Nobel Prize award.

At the start of his academic career, Peter Diamond pursued a B.A. degree in mathematics from Yale University and then a doctorate degree for MIT. Although he would ultimately spend most of his career as a researcher and educator in economics at MIT, Peter Diamond participated in visiting appointments at several colleges and universities in the states and abroad. As the author of twelve books and numerous published and working papers on economics, finance and taxation, Peter Diamond is deserving of the Nobel Prize for his achievements in identifying ways to understand how markets work and how that knowledge can be used to improve economic opportunities for individuals and their employers.

The following are published works by Peter Diamond:

  • Pension Reform: A Short Guide - with Nicholas Barr - 2009
  • Reforming Pensions: Principles and Policy Choices - with Nicholas Barr - 2008
  • Behavioral Economics and Its Applications - edited with Hannu Vartiainen - 2007
  • Saving Social Security: A Balanced Approach (Revised Edition) - with Peter Orszag - 2005
  • Taxation, Incomplete Markets, and Social Security - 2002
  • Social Security Reform - 2002
  • Issues in Privatizing Social Security: Report of an Expert Panel of the National Academy of Social Insurance - 1999
  • Social Security: What Role for the Future? - edited with David C. Lindeman and H Peyton Young - 1996
  • On Time: Lectures on Models of Equilibrium - Churchill Lectures in Economics Series - 1994
  • Growth, Productivity, Unemployment: Essays to Celebrate Bob Solow's Birthday - 1990
  • A Search-Equilibrium Approach to the Micro Foundations of Macroeconomics - 1984

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