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Personality research papers report that personality is described as a unique, relatively consistent pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving. Initial research into the development of personality focused on a biopsychological rationale. These theories determined personality to be apparent in infancy if not earlier and effected primarily by biological circumstances within the body, such as body type or an absence or abundance of blood or bile. PersonalityFreud, one of the most influential contributors to early personality theory, identified personality development with unconscious force and internal conflict as the basis of establishing patterns of behavior. However, these early theories fail to take to take into consideration the true scope of human development. Most who give credence to both sides in the age-old debate on nature versus nurture recognize that both play a significant role in the eventual evolution of personality. Therefore, to consider personality development solely as a function of nature is inaccurate. There are many ways in which the environment, namely culture, society, parenting and the media influence the developing personality.

Personality is concerned with a person’s specific traits and states of mind. Personality traits are relatively permanent and enduring qualities of behavior that a person displays in most situations. The five attributes most consistently discussed in conjunction with personality are emotional stability, extroversion, openness to experience, agreeableness and conscientiousness. Despite the fact that trait theorists are often less concerned with environmental impact than state theorists, these five traits can al be influenced by a person’s environment. State theorists emphasize environment more prominently in their understanding of the behavioral and social learning theory.

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