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Personality Psychology

Written from a Christian point of view.

The topic: Explain the Apostle Paul’s "personality" using two contrasting personality theories discussed in the Psychology course.

The final paper should be between 15 and 20 pages

  1. not including the cover page
  2. abstract, text
  3. references.

The final paper must follow APA style format (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Fifth edition).

Personality Psychology

The final paper must include the following:

  1. A clear description of the individual, with biographical information that places the person in socio-cultural-historical context. A clear description of what is unknown or fictionalized for the point of illustration.
  2. Clear introduction to the theories that you are using as a basis for your project.
  3. Complete and concise description of the organizational approach to describing the character in relation to the theories. How should the reader approach your discussion?
  4. Clear use of scholarly literature that includes current research, theory, and practice or a description of omissions in the literature. This should not be comprehensive, but does reflect the “state of the art” or most important contributions in the area.
  5. Citation procedures following APA guidelines are correct.
  6. Paper is clearly written.
  7. No spelling or grammatical errors.

An example of a book used on the Apostle Paul:

There are many books about the apostle Paul on the market. Seeing as he wrote the majority of the New Testament, and the Reformation is highly weighted on Pauline theology, it is critical to study this man of importance in the early church. Author Ben Witherington III does just that in his book, The Paul Quest: The Renewed Search for the Jew of Tarsus. Within Witherington’s analysis, he clearly seeks to present and define Paul within the context of Paul’s own culture in Paul’s own day. Witherington’s main thesis is to “challenge the assumptions of many moderns that ‘Paul as a human being was just like me’”. He seeks to primarily do this by looking at a social and cultural analysis of the man Paul as presented in Scripture.

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