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Personal Unconscious

Personal Unconscious research papers have been written by psychology experts at Paper Masters. This is an essay that was written by one of our writers. We can produce a custom written project following your guidelines.

Carl Jung is the creator of the concept of personal unconscious. Personal unconscious falls under the broad study of analytical psychology. Jung’s theory of personal unconscious is very much like Freud’s creation of a suppressed memory region in the brain. Personal unconscious is the space that is right between the conscience and the unconscious. Personal UnconsciousPersonal unconscious includes:

  • Things that are not conscious at the immediate time, but is possible for it to be conscious.
  • Personal unconscious includes repressed memories or things that have been forgotten over time.
  • Personal unconscious resides between the Ego and the Collective Unconscious.

In personal unconscious there are two different types of unconscious. The first type is basic memories that at one time have been forgotten, but through a process can be easily remembered. The other type is suppressed memories, which are being hidden by the brain.

Personal Unconscious as Memories

According to Jung, some memories that are suppressed by the mind at one time or another might appear to an individual through their dreams or behaviors. Some memories surface without much work, others are more difficult to retrieve. Some memorize may remain hidden for a lifetime, because the mind fights so hard to keep these bad or uncomfortable memories hidden.

Personal Unconscious and Jung

Personal unconscious is different from Jung’s theory of collective unconscious. The main difference between the two theories is that in personal unconscious the lapse in memory applies to an individual. In collective unconscious, society is shaped by past experiences like science and religion.

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