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Personal Statements - Custom Written
from Paper Masters

A personal statement is often just that: a first person narrative of who you are and a basic outline of your life story. If you need a personal statement, Paper Masters can custom write your personal statement with just a few facts given to our writer to go off of. We are here to help you succeed, 24 hours a day.

Often times, personal statements are needed for the following reasons:

  • Personal statements for Education Majors
  • Personal statements for Job Applications
  • Personal statements for College Applications

Personal statements can be attached to college applications, job applications, or other instances in which a committee or organization have asked the applicant to tell something about themselves.

Personal statements are frequently difficult to write since they are not formal writing. There is no single model of the personal statement that a person must follow. What they are is a picture of the writer and an invitation to the reader to get to know you better. What one chooses to include in a personal statement reveals a great deal about the writer to the reader, including selection committees.

Personal Statement

What a personal statement is not is your resume in narrative form. Such information is already provided in the CV. Nor are they journal entries; you should only include information that you would be comfortable discussing with a group of strangers. Ultimately, a personal statement is an authentic snapshot of you: where you have come from, what makes you tick, and where you hope to go in life.

The goal of any good personal statement is to capture the reader’s attention and make them care about your story. This is an opportunity for you to set yourself apart from the crowd, and connect on a personal level with others who may have an opportunity to shape your future.

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