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Peer Reviewed Journals

Peer reviewed journals are academic publications that present articles of new research, review articles, and book reviews. Peer reviewed journals, also called scholarly journals or academic journals, are forums where researchers can present findings to the larger academic community. These findings can be based on either qualitative or quantitative data.

Peer Reviewed Journals

Academic journals accept two types of submissions, either solicited, in which a researcher has been asked to submit work, or unsolicited, where an academic will submit an article without specific asking. In either case, the article in question is then sent for peer review. This means that one or more experts in the field will evaluate the article in order to demonstrate that the article is of sufficient quality and original research. These referees are supposed to be objective, and often provide feedback for improvement to the author and editor.

There is a hierarchy to peer reviewed journals in academia, with several dominant journals receiving the largest number of submissions. Many scientific peer reviewed journals are seeking articles that have “impact” on the community. This tradition is less important in the humanities.

Large universities underwrite many peer-reviewed journals. With the advent of the Internet, many journals are accessible through subscription services, available through a university library. However, some charge that the Internet has led to a rise in junk journals with lower publication standards.

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