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Pediatric Acute Care

Pediatric acute care is a broad aspect of medicine that may be characterized by immediate attention paid to any number of pediatric health issues. For example, pediatric acute care might consist of caring for a pediatric patient recovering from a surgical procedure or it might consist of care of a pediatric patient in the throes of an illness severe enough to require medical attention, but not severe enough to require hospitalization. Pediatric Acute CareOften, pediatric acute care fills in the gap between at-home care and facility-based care, providing diagnoses and medication for conditions that need the attention of a physician or nurse. This type of care is often covered under most insurance plans and may be delivered in any number of facility types, including urgent care centers, hospitals or community clinics.

The pediatric acute care process consists of a screening or examination by a physician or nurse to diagnose the patient. This is followed by a rendering of an official diagnosis and then a prescribed course of treatment. If the treatment being recommended is not short-term or cannot be safely conducted in the home environment, then the patient may be recommended for admission to a care facility. Pediatric acute care requires an understanding of the special circumstances of younger patients, including potential sensitivities to certain medications or treatments.

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