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Pearl Harbor Research Papers

How do you start a Pearl Harbor research paper? Our expert writers can assist you or write your Pearl Harbor project for you. There are many interesting topics that go along with the history of Pearl Harbor. Have our writers choose one or give us your complete details and Paper Masters will custom write the research paper on Pearl Harbor for you.

Just as the Japanese had hoped, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, was a complete surprise.Pearl Harbor

  • Pearl Harbor ended up killing 2,403 Americans
  • Pearl Harbor wounded 1,178 more Americans.
  • 18 ships were sunk or seriously damaged
  • 188 airplanes were destroyed
  • 159 planes were damaged

Was this Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor truly a surprise attack, though? The United States received many warning signs indicating Pearl Harbor was going to be bombed. Although this appeared to be a well-planned attack by the Japanese, Pearl Harbor was unprepared for the devastation that occurred December 7, 1941. The U.S. could have been prepared for the attack if all indications of war had been taken seriously and adequate communication between the government and military officials had taken place. It can be said that President Roosevelt and his administration was largely responsible for the disaster on December 7th.  Pearl Harbor has suffered from over 50 years of cover-up, deceit, and speculation, much of which is uncovered in literature reviews and studies recently published.

Foreign Policy and Pearl Harbor

No proper assessment of the Pearl Harbor problem can be made without recourse to a study of the background of U.S. foreign policy. Sound judgment cannot be rendered merely by an appraisal of the performance of selected individuals, acting under restraint and compulsion, and in the totally alien atmosphere that then pervaded the Washington scene whereby tradition, training, and patriotic attributes became the casualties of a weird, inexplicable, and completely incomprehensible war policy.

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