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Pathological Narcissism

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Pathological narcissism, also referred to as narcissism personality disorder, is one of the more common disorders that affect people; it affects individuals from all walks of life.  Pathological NarcissismSome believe pathological narcissism is a beneficial, or that it can be good for the individual, while others believe that to be far from the truth.  While narcissism exists within everyone to some degree, people living with pathological narcissism speak and think of themselves at all times, making it difficult to cultivate relationships with other people.  Because this is a habit for them, narcissists often find it difficult to develop close relationships with other people.  This, ultimately, can impact one’s social skills and everyday living.

There are characteristics that distinguish a pathological narcissist from a healthy one.  Symptoms of a pathological narcissist include: exaggeration of talents, delegating one’s work to others, and always being the center of attention… furthermore if pathological narcissist fail at something, he or she will most always point the blame elsewhere while accepting full responsibility for things that go correctly.  Individuals with pathological narcissism can be difficult to deal with.  However, with proper treatment and awareness, their behavior can be controlled.

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