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Partial-Birth Abortion Research Papers

Partial-birth abortion research paper coverage of the recent Supreme Court decision declaring unconstitutional a Nebraska law that banned partial-birth abortions provides an example of the way in which students can filter fact through their individual viewpoints.  A Partial-birth abortion research paper may be very critical of the Supreme Court, while another partial-birth abortion research paper may support the decision.  Both partial-birth abortion research papers may contain similar facts and material drawn from similar sources, but present them in a way calculated to support the author’s viewpoint.  Because the issue of abortion is so contentious, neither partial-birth abortion research paper provides a particularly balanced interpretation of the abortion issue.

Partial-Birth Abortion

The Supreme Court and Partial-Birth Abortion

One partial-birth abortion research paper encapsulates the logic of the Supreme Court in reaching its decision to strike down the law prohibiting partial-birth abortions.  Your research paper should point out the following:

  1. The law was too vague and might place an undue burden on the alleged constitutional right to abortion.
  2. Mention that the Supreme Court often strikes down overly vague laws regardless of the issues that the law addresses because they are difficult to impartially enforce.  
  3. The inclusion of adjectives such as “alleged” when speaking of a defined constitutional right calls into question the entire legitimacy of Supreme Court review of abortion issues.  
  4. The partial-birth abortion research paper may also attempt to stir reader outrage against those who support “abortion on demand,” implying that partial birth abortion is an elective procedure.  
  5. It may also conclude with a graphic account of the procedure itself.  

Illegal Abortions

In contrast, the author of a partial-birth abortion research paper may support the decision of the Supreme Court to strike down the Nebraska law.  It may stress that the Constitution protects a woman’s right to have an abortion, and supports the legitimacy of the Supreme Court’s constitutional review of local laws that infringe on abortion.  It also may encapsulate the logic behind the Court’s decision, stressing the Justices believe that a ban of any type of abortion would condemn many American women to lives that lack dignity, depriving them of equal liberty and leading those with least resources to undergo illegal abortions.  The partial-birth abortion research paper may continue to state that the description of the procedure as “partial birth abortion” is not a medical term, but rather a phrase used by opponents of abortion.  It may also mention that the method is infrequently used to terminate pregnancies after sixteen weeks.    

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