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Parole and probation research papers show that Parole is different from the process of probation.  This occurs toward the end of a prison sentence that the offender has completed.  It is the planned release and community supervision of incarcerated offenders before the expiration of their prison sentences. Generally, parole research papers show that parole is granted by a parole board after interviewing the inmate and reviewing the inmate’s record.  The right to a parole hearing is based upon statutory regulations.  Typically, most communities view parole as a privilege that an offender may earn while in the criminal justice systemParoleHowever, research in parole term papers proves that in most states, parole is legally a right. The theoretical advantages of parole are twofold.  The opportunity for early release can be an incentive for an inmate to behave appropriately while being involved in work, education, and rehabilitation programs.  Parole may also ease the transition from a prison setting into the community. Unfortunately, parole has not proven to be as effective as probation with regard to recidivism. 

One of the difficulties is that many times when prisons are overcrowded inmates may be paroled.  Not because they are ready to be released or because they have completed the appropriate time with good behavior, but simply because there are too many people incarcerated in a prison facility.  These individuals are less likely to complete parole successfully. However, it may be difficult to actually compare parolees with probationers.  Typically, individuals who receive probation have committed their first offense and generally have good employment records.  Parolees, especially those who are sent back to prison have an extensive history of criminal arrests and poor employment history.  Thus, the individuals who are on parole have more extensive criminal backgrounds than individuals who receive probation.  Sometimes these parole violators commit a serious crime. 

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