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Research Papers on The Paris Agreement in Crisis

The Paris Agreement, also called the Paris climate accord, is an attempt by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to tackle the problem of greenhouse gas emissions. Have the writers at Paper Masters write a custom research paper on the Paris Agreement. Our work will help you present exactly what was accomplished and we can also explain each nations success or lack of success in contributing to a solution for global warming.

  • The agreement was adopted on December 12, 2015
  • The Paris Agreement included the input of over 196 parties. The Paris Agreement in Crisis
  • According to the agreement, each country has to decide how it plans to help in the fight to prevent global warming and report its contributions.

In accordance with The Paris Agreement, France released its five-year plan to get rid of all petrol and diesel cars and trucks by the year 2040 and also they would stop using coal in the production of electricity. Three states have not signed the agreement including Holy See, Nicaragua, and Syria.

President Trump announced in June 2017, that he intends to withdraw the United States from The Paris Agreement. Trump’s reasoning for his withdraw is that he believes it will negatively impact American businesses and workers. According to Trump the agreement is not fair. He wants to get a more fair deal for the US. Since the United States is at the top of the list for countries producing the most pollution, it has been a blow to the whole community of nations working together to ensure The Paris Agreement happens.

Former Vice President Al Core, who has been a proponent of The Paris Agreement, said that the President’s decision to withdraw was “reckless and indefensible.” Gore urged the American people to continue to support the efforts of The Paris Agreement and take a stand against Trump’s decision. Gore believes the isolating the US from the entire world would be detrimental to the United States.

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