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Parables of Jesus Christ Research Papers

The Parables of Jesus Christ research paper writes that nothing about Jesus Christ conformed to what one might call academism of Jesus’ day; he made no special appeal to intellectuals, nor did he shun them. Rather, he was an inspired storyteller of life experiences. These stories often took the form of parables, simple stories that illustrated lessons or morals to the crowds that gathered around Jesus and his disciples. No historian today would seriously dispute that Jesus extensively employed the method of teaching in parables.

One Parables of Jesus Christ research paper notes that he used them for the following purposes:

  1. To attract attention
  2. To stimulate inquiry
  3. To teach truth in a concise, memorable form
  4. To prevent opponents from understanding.

Parables of Jesus ChristA Parables of Jesus Christ term paper elaborates that Jesus is most famous for parables and aphorisms, both of which are really ways of teaching ordinary people. If you read them in the New Testament, a Parables of Jesus Christ term paper writes, it might take a minute to read; nevertheless, it might have taken an hour or more of interaction between Jesus and an audience, who are probably talking back to him, and interrupting him and debating with him and disagreeing with him and fighting with him. And the parable is a way, really, of getting them to think. It’s a way of provoking people to think for themselves. What were the themes of his parables? forgiveness; generosity; humility; judgment; the kingdom; the law; mercy; and prayer. A Parables of Jesus Christ term paper might ask why Jesus made such natural use of parables in his teaching. 

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