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Pan's Labyrinth

Pan’s Labyrinth, El laberinto del fauno, is a Spanish-Mexican dark fairy tale fantasy movie that was released in 2006. It was directed by Guillermo del Toro and distributed by Esperanto Filmoj and Warner Brothers.

The story begins with Princes Moanna who comes from the underworld and is blinded by the sun and loses her memory. She becomes a mortal human and eventually dies. Her father, the kind of the underworld, builds labyrinths for her and her return. The setting changes to the year 1944 after the Spanish Civil War. Pan’s LabyrinthOfelia finds an insect that she believes is a fairy. The insect tries to lure her into one a labyrinth but the housekeeper distracts her. Later the fairy insect visits her and lures her into the labyrinth. Once inside the labyrinth, the insect turns into a fairy and leas her around. Ofelia comes upon a faun while in the labyrinth and she begins to believe that the faun is actually Princess Moanna. Ofelia is given the change to live forever if she can complete three tasks set before her.

First, Ofelia must get a key from the belly of a giant toad. She then completes the second task, which is to get a dagger that is in the lair of a child-eating monster called the Pale Man. Ofelia does not head the warnings of others and wakes the Pale Man. She barely escapes with her life.

Ofelia’s life outside the labyrinth is not easy. Her mother dies during childbirth, her stepfather finds out the family housekeeper is a spy and tortures her. He also locks Ofelia in her room. She is eventually able to escape and is encouraged by the faun to take her new baby brother into the labyrinth and tries to get her to hurt her brother. Ofelia refuses to shed his blood but while she is still in the labyrinth her stepfather comes and takes the baby some of Ofelia’s blood drips on the alter. Ofelia is invited into the throne room of the king of the underworld and praises her for her actions. She and Moanna become one and are offered a seat at the side of the King.

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