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Packaging Science Management Research Papers

This is a Packaging Science Management suggestion from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

When I first entered the field of packaging science management, I thought that the process of management in this area would be quite simple. My job, as a trained and educated professional would be to discern the best methods for companies to package and manage their materials and products. Packaging Science ManagementWhile this assumption did indeed prove to be true, what I have discovered from my training and education is that the process of packaging science management is much more complex than what I had originally envisioned. Issues such as globalization and human rights have markedly changed the profession over the course of the last decade. Even though educators are responding to these changes through more effective education on these subjects, the reality is that changes in the field appear to be occurring much faster than the pace of education. As such, there is an impetus to examine the specific issues that will impact the development and processes involved with this career as I prepare to enter the workforce.

Examining the context of the environment that exists in packaging science management, it becomes clear that 2 major factors are taking place:

  1. Changes in consumer demands
  2. The expansion of markets into international territories has changed the way that most producers and consumers look at packaging.

According to one author the type of packaging used in most cases will serve as the impetus for the customer to consider purchasing a specific item. However, because the customer base for most products has expanded, there is a need to expand the type of packaging used, based on the preferences of the customer. “The main focus of a company’s packaging program should be the consumer market in which the package will be displayed. The packaging needs and expectations of that market segment must be determined by the marketing department, and these requirements must be communicated to the technical personnel responsible for developing packages”.

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