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Outbreak of WWI Research Papers

This is a topic suggestion on Outbreak of WWI from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

The outbreak of WWI research papers show that World War I came about as the result of a series of hasty actions by fervently nationalistic countries – and not due to the strategic advances of Germany or any other single European power.  For example:

  1. Austria-Hungary could have refrained from offering Serbia an unacceptable ultimatum.  Outbreak of WWI
  2. Russia could have abstained during the outbreak of WWI from mobilizing hastily, allowing the conflict to remain within the geographical boundaries of the Balkans, and France could have been more aggressive in restraining its Russian ally rather than issuing the Russians a “blank check.” 
  3. Britain could have been more assertive in warning of its impending involvement in a pan-European conflict in the outbreak of WWI, perhaps enough to deter the Germans from moving forward.

Fischer's Theory of WWI

German historians Zara Steiner and Luigi Albertine fiercely opposed Fischer’s theory on the outbreak of WWI as well, claiming that he had taken numerous historical quotes and documents out of context.  Indeed, the so-called Fischer Thesis may have given the Germans a tad too much credit – according to Fischer, the Germans first encouraged Austria-Hungary to place the Serbian ultimatum, then pushed the monarchy to declare war on Serbia when their terms were not met.  It is far more plausible that the cause of World War I was the result of a series of miscalculations and political blunders that was not meant to be had the European rulers and statesmen understood the effects their actions would have had on those of others.

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