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Othello, The Moor

The positive historical recollections of Africa being comprised of strong Black African dynasties and contributions to civilization seem to have died before reaching our textbooks.  If they were a normal Othello, The Moor of World or even American History, there would be no question regarding how Othello at that time was being regarded with what some think was respect.  Othello, The MoorFirst, one must look at the history of the Moor group that Othello and men like him derived from.  The history of Africans does not begin on the shores of the New World by any means. Second, one must understand and make the distinction between respecting someone and using them to fulfill a need.  

Upon analyzing excerpts from the play, “Othello”, it seems to be unfortunately obvious that he was secretly despised and ridiculed at that time by Europeans, which did not prevent him from being the strong, influential general that he was but leads people of this time to believe that he was “given” those strong abilities and the right to exercise them by Europeans. At a time where the “playing field” was a little more level, there was not the same disparity of financial and military resources between Africa and the West that separate them during the transatlantic slave trade and today.  I will show that the legacy of Moors, as well as Africans, in general, was one comprised of enormous contributions to society.  When the mystique of the Moor is revealed, there will be no question regarding Othello’s ability to attain greatness in a world that may have judged him otherwise.

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