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Research Papers on the Oslo Accords

How do you start a Oslo Accords research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

The 1993 Oslo Accords were hailed as the start of a lasting peace in the Middle East.  This new set of negotiations marked a new era in world politics because of the following:

  1. Palestinian and Israeli leaders were forced to recognize each other’s legitimacy. 
  2. Israel embarked upon negotiations for redeployment of Israeli troops from the Occupied Territories, which was a policy shift from previous Israeli assertion that Jordan was the true Palestinian homeland. 
  3. Palestinian claims for political power in the Occupied Territories were recognized as baseless.
Oslo Accords

The Oslo Accords and the Labor Party

Israel’s Labor Party is given the credit for initiating the Oslo negotiations.  However, while Labor leader Yitzhak Rabin is responsible for opening secret dialog with the Palestinian Liberation Organization that led to Oslo, his policies during the interim period illustrate Labor’s lack of commitment to the philosophy of the Oslo Accords.  Oslo states that agreements will be “guided by the principle that [Israel’s] military forces should be redeployed outside populated areas”.

Criticism of the Oslo Accords

The Oslo Accords have been a major cause of disagreement between Israel’s Labor and Likud parties.  The conservative Likud leaders protested the negotiations, claiming that the Palestinian Liberation Organization was a terrorist organization and should not be dealt with.  In addition, Palestinian claims to self-governed homeland were considered moot, since Likud policy holds that the Palestinian homeland is in Jordan.  The Labor Party, however, characterized as much softer on Palestinian issues, has supported negotiations that will bring an end to costs of conflict.  This stance aided the Labor Party in elections, as they were able to garner Arab and Israeli votes from those seeking peace.

Although criticized by Likud leaders, Labor policies included the continued movement of Israelis into Occupied Territory settlements.  The Oslo Accords, agreed upon by both parties, call for redeployment of Israeli military forces prior to elections for leaders of the Palestinian Authority.

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