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Research Papers on the Organization of American States

The Organization of American States term paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

The Organization of American States (OAS) is the premier intergovernmental organization in the Western Hemisphere. The OAS was founded at Bogotá, Colombia in 1948. The Organization of American StatesHowever, if one considers the history of the precursor agencies from which the OAS evolved—the International Union of American Republics, which was founded in 1890, and the Pan American Union, which was founded in 1910—the Organization of American States is today the world’s oldest standing intergovernmental political organization. All of the 35 independent nations of the Western Hemisphere have ratified the Organization’s Charter and belong to the OAS; Cuba remains a member, although since 1962 its government has been barred from participation.

The Organization of American States possesses a rather elaborate organizational structure. At the pinnacle of the Organization is the General Assembly, the body charged with establishing the principles by which the OAS operates and the objectives towards which it strives. Among the most important organs through which the OAS achieves such objectives is its Permanent Council, which is comprised by an ambassadorial representative from each of the member states. The Council is expected to consider and respond to “any matter referred to it by the General Assembly or the Meeting of Consultation of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, as well as any matter brought to its attention by the Secretary General on issues related to peace and security in the Hemisphere or the development of member states”. The Permanent Council is in turn complemented by various sub-committees, including the following:

  • Committee on Juridical Affairs
  • The Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Affairs
  • The Committee on Hemispheric Security

Further down the organizational structure are divisions charged with a diversity of specific goals, including: the Office of Science and Technology, charged with promoting the deepening of scientific culture across the hemisphere; the Unit for Sustainable Development and Environment; and, the Inter-Sectoral Unit for Tourism, to promote the development of the tourism industry.

The OAS also works collaboratively with other institutions within the inter-American system to promote a variety of social and economic goals. For instance, the OAS collaborates with: the Pan-American Health Organization to improve public health across Latin America and the Caribbean; with the Inter-American Development Bank to promote economic and social development in the less developed member states; and, with the Inter-American Institution for Cooperation on Agriculture to foster increased food production agricultural development. In addition, the OAS works with groups like the Inter-American Children’s Institution, to further the goals of superior child protection and child care services, and the Inter-American Commission on Women, to promote and secure essential human rights for women across the hemisphere.

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