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Research Papers that Oppose Human Cloning

Research papers that oppose human cloning can be custom written for your ethics or science courses in college. We will take your topic and write research that focuses on the most current arguments against human cloning. Topics that are frequently done on human cloning are:

  • The ethical considerations for human cloning
  • Debate human cloning from a sociological standpoint. How will society handle clones? What are the dangers to social systems?
  • Human cloning and health care. How will human cloning affect the ethics of healthcare?
  • Doctors, nursing and human cloning...How should the medical professional determine personal ethics regarding cloning versus professional responsibility?

While most opponents of cloning argue in terms of the impact such a procedure will have on society and the humans involved, it is important to mention the impact that life might have on the cloned individual.  One potential problem is the fact that the process associated with cloning will most likely increase the likelihood of cancer in the clone.  It appears that the natural process of reproduction fixes some DNA errors.  Opposing Human CloningAnother difficulty might be that the lifespan of a clone would be drastically reduced. In other words, the potential with regard to longevity as coded in the DNA may mean that the age of the donor will subtract from the clone’s lifespan.

Human Cloning and Experimentation

Another concern is the fact that human clones will be created simply for experimentation.  Thus, human beings will be created for the specific purpose of scientific investigation.  They might even be cloned in much the same way that rats are bred for experiments.

Human Cloning is Difficult

Some experts in cloning suggest that cloning is not as easily performed as scientists often suggest.  Human cloning might not be achievable.  In fact, the aforementioned story regarding the South Korean experiment may be little more than an “urban legend.”  Human cells are preprogrammed to divide at least to the stage of eight cells with little effort.  “To produce a live, healthy clone, the 100,000 mainly silent, genes in the somatic cell nucleus need to be activated rapidly”.  Given the difficulty of cloning other mammals, some believe that cloned human would most likely to succumb to death at birth or shortly after.  If so, then scientists would be attempting to create life that had little chance of living.  Furthermore, it would seem a likely conclusion that deformities would be more likely in the cloned humans.

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