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An On the Road research papers report that the Kerouac novel portrays the feelings of an entire generation's search for what to believe in.  In the post-war 1950's, On the Road literature term papers display the themes of living life one moment at a time, living freely and experiencing the mythical journey that every person must experience in life. At the time, America was undergoing drastic changes and the sense of sterility brought on by a mechanized Cold War era society resulted in a feeling of existential dislocation for many. Numerous Americans began to experience a sense of purposelessness and the air was rife with disillusionment.  Kerouac was one of these restless postwar young people and he longed for something, he just didn't know what, much like the rest of his generation.

The significance of the passage in which Sal and Dean are in an all night movie theater in Detroit is the turning point in their journey and provides the only form of closure that the novel affords the reader.  The research paper illustrates that It is the quintessential moment of any mythical hero's journey, when he discovers who he is in the light of his surroundings.

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