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On Liberty

On Liberty: Written in 1859 by John Stuart Mill. Espoused liberalism and utilitarianism as well as championing individual’s rights. On Liberty research papers, illustrate clearly Mill's ideas on individuality. As a Utilitarian, Mill believes that what brings about the greatest good to the citizenship is what is “right”. On LibertyMill objects to the restrictions on human liberty that the government imposes on people for the sake of human welfare. Thus in your term paper, show that his argument for individuality is founded upon the assertion that it is always wrong to restrict the freedom of another person, as long as it does not harm others. For a man must seek what makes him happiest, since happiness is the ultimate goal.

To impart his ideals, Mill uses several rhetorical strategies. Often, he uses oppositions to create a spirit of controversy in an “us” verses “them” atmosphere. Words such as "friends" and "partisans" are against their "opponents" and give way to a pervasive feeling of battle. Mill sets up his argument this way to encourage debate, which he asserts is essential in the political arena. Another devise used to create oppositions in his argument is positioning philosophers against each other. On Liberty places Plato and Descartes on one side and Socrates and Bacon on the other.

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