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Research Papers on Kubler-Ross' book On Death and Dying

Research papers on Elizabeth Kubler-Ross' book On Death and Dying are custom written and can focus on any aspect of the book, including the Five Stages of Grief. Whether for a medical course, psychology class, sociological study or a simple book report, Paper Masters will explain and report on the book that made Kubler-Ross famous.

Elizabeth Kübler-Ross' book On Death and Dying helped to demystify the dying process.  In her work she describes characteristic steps or stages through which the dying and, to some extent, those close to them ordinarily pass.  While she wasn’t the first to express the ideas, her book represents a useful tool to the health care professional, to the relatives of the dying and the terminally ill patient.  The health care professional can utilize their understanding of the dying process help the dying person and their family see many of their feelings, the attitudes and behaviors as a normal reaction to their situation.  The knowledge gained from her book can help the family feel a sense of control as they go through the stages.  The dying person can begin to appreciate how their feelings are somewhat predictable, that no stage lasts forever, and that being able to put a name to what they are experiencing can help give them a sense of control.  When using this five-stage process to assist the terminally ill patient, it has to be understood that the stages do not follow an inevitable sequence or that they represent skills that must be mastered.  For instance, acceptance, the final stage, is not a goal to strive towards.  Rather, the patient will find they will jump from one stage to another, sometimes stages may overlap, and one stage may overshadow while simultaneously experiencing others, according to the patient’s particular needs at the time. 

Five Stages of Grief to Focus on in Research Papers regarding On Death and Dying

On Death and DyingKübler-Ross identified the (now famous) five stages of grief that an individual passes through when attempting to recover from a loss:

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

Kubler-Ross’ first characterization is the stage of shock and denial.  Denial is a natural human reaction whenever someone is confronted by something that threatens him or her with loss, abandonment or rejection.  Usually occurs at the point of initial disclosure of serious illness.  The patient and those close to them in this stage are unable to admit to themselves that they might die and/or suffer the loss death represents. 

The typical response is characterized by the patient saying "It can be true," "There must be a mistaken" or "Are you sure? Can I get a second opinion?"  The reality of the disclosure is too shocking to admit and disbelief is the most immediate defense.

On Death and Dying

This denial reaction may ranging from loud, verbal protests to inappropriate lack of concern or even cheerfulness.  The important point to remember is that in denial, the patient is saying to him/herself and others, "No, it can't be me! It is not possible that I should die!"  The social worker can help allow the patient this denial.  However, within the denial, the patient can gently be assisted to taking medical action to begin to treat their condition. 

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