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Odysseus is the great thinker. He is constantly being refereed to as the resourceful Odysseus in Homer's The Odyssey. Even at a time such as this when any normal man would simply collapse in exhaustion, Odysseus refuses to stop planning. He is constantly searching for the best and most clever way through each situation and challenging the universe with his solutions. This theme is most prominent in book thirteen when he is finally home. OdysseusInstead of running right up to his palace walls and proclaiming his arrival he begins to lie and weaves a web of secrets around himself in order to test those around him and see what kind of situation he is really in. Athene comes to him disguised and is the first one he lies to. After revealing herself to him she praises him in Book 5 line 298 when she says "since you are far the best of all mortal men for counsel and stories, and among all the divinities I am famous for wit and sharpness;".  Here Athene likens his skill to hers and thereby confirms a major theme in the story: Odysseus is second only to the gods in his craftiness and foresight and it is this gift more than any other that has allowed him to become the hero that he is.

The hero is not without flaws.  Odysseus in often nearsighted in his treatment of the gods. One could say that Odysseus abused the hospitable of the gods.  He didn't acknowledge their assistance in conquering Troy.  In doing so he offended the gods.  The gods could provide food, the wind and a safe journey on the sea.  The act of Ulysses when he boasted how great and wonderful he was to conquer Troy.  Neptune and the other gods decided to punish him and show him how insignificant he really was in the scheme of things.  Odysseus completely ignored the fact that the gods had given him so much though continually defying them and doing things his own way.  In the end it worked out for him but his act of being a poor guest in the gods realm added years to his journey.

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