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Oceanography Research Papers Custom Written

Oceanography research papers illustrate that scientists have long believed that there is an enormous wealth of resources under the ocean floor.  It has proven very difficult conduct research in the deepest parts of the ocean. One of the contributing factors to the research difficulties is inability of humans to withstand the pressure and temperature of the deepest regions on Earth.  Although over 40 years have passed since the Trieste expedition, there have been additional attempts to conquer the ocean floor but not at the most extreme depths.  The information gathered by Kaiko echoes many of the findings of earlier expeditions.

The oceans cover approximately three-quarters of our planet and mankind has been studying them for centuries.  Still, scientists are constantly discovering new species of marine life and many more likely exist in the greater depths.  Because of the lack of knowledge regarding the deepest recesses of the Earth, there is a dearth of specific information on the marine life that inhabits these depths.  It has been proven that there is life at 11,000 meters but it is difficult to obtain detailed information about the types of life.

Paper Masters shows you how to write a research paper on any Oceanography subject using the topics you see on this web site. We are here to help on any topic with our awesome repository of research paper ideas.

Oceanography Research Paper Topic Suggestions

Biological Oceanography - Biological Oceanography research papers discuss the scientific study of how organisms, especially microorganism, are effected by the physics, chemistry, and geology of the oceans.

Coral in Peril - Coral in Peril research papers explore the effects of coral destruction on the environment of life.

Coral Reef Bleaching - Coral Reef Bleaching research papers research their end of life process.

Coral Reef - Coral Reef research papers investigate the life and physical characteristics of this marine life.

Dolphin-Safe Tuna Labeling Act - The Dolphin-Safe Tuna Labeling Act of 1990, developed regulations to ensure consumers that the tuna their were purchasing was dolphin-safe.

Great Barrier Reef - The Great Barrier Reef research papers examine the largest coral reef system in the world stretched along Australia’s Queensland coast in the Coral Sea.

Florida Manatee Recovery Plan - Florida Manatee Recovery Plan research papers research the process to help save this species.

Marine Ecosystems - Marine Ecosystem research papers look at chemical defenses that help defeat the efforts of herbivore attackers.

Marine Fishing Industry - Marine Fishing Industry research papers report on the changes due to overfishing in the oceans of the world.

Marine Mammal Protection Act - The Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 limited the killing of dolphins for U.S. fishing boats.  While this measure helped to combat the problem, it was not a complete solution to the problem.

Ocean Currents - Ocean Currents research papers examine surface currents and deep-ocean currents, including the most famous of them, the Gulf Stream.

Ocean Floor - Ocean Floor research papers examine the four layers of the ocean floor, as revealed in oceanography research projects.

Oil Pollution in Our Oceans - Oil Pollution in Our Oceans research papers examine how oil pollution is caused, and the negative consequences that occur.

Over Fished - Over a decade ago, Marine Biologists warned that the Earth’s oceans were becoming over-fished.  The scientists claimed that the fish stocks were continually depleting as the commercial fishing industry continued it’s incessant netting.

Over-Fishing of the Resource - Over-Fishing of the Resource research papers delve into an order placed on the problems with the water resource problem.

Overfishing of Tuna - Overfishing of Tuna research papers examine the issue of overfishing not only in national waters but also in international waters.

Overfishing - Overfishing research papers discuss the problem of extinction of ocean life, discovered by oceanographers.

Pacific Halibut - Pacific Halibut research papers discuss their appearance and mating habits.

Physical Oceanography - Physical Oceanography research papers examine the scientific study of the physical conditions and processes that occur in the ocean, including motion and properties of water.

Sport Fishing of Sharks - Research paper on overfishing in Sport fishing of the Atlantic Ocean.

Whaling - Whaling research papers study the history of the whale fishing industry and mentions Moby Dick.