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Obama's Farewell Speech

President Barak Obama delivered his farewell speech on January 10, 2017 from his home city of Chicago, Illinois and the city where he began his political career. Traditionally the farewell speech, first given by George Washington, is given from the Oval Office or White House. Obama chose to do his speech at McCormick Place in Chicago to remind American citizens of who he was before he became President of the United States of America. He did it to remind them about all he had done to help the city of Chicago as a political figure and social activist.

The following are a few facts regarding the speach:Obama's Farewell Speech

  1. The speech lasted fifty minutes
  2. Obama used the time to urge American’s to action.
  3. Obama's speech encouraged Americans to get out in their communities and to get involved in making changes.
  4. Obama credited these types of actions for how he ended up in the White House.

Obama also took the opportunity to warn Americans about the incoming President Donald Trump and the actions of his government. He said it would be up to Trump to decide what kind of presidency he would have. His response to terrorism, inequality, and changes in demographics will “determine the future of the country.”

Forty-five minutes into his speech he started wrapping up and began his conclusion by thanking the people who had been by his side throughout his terms as President. First, he thanked his wife, Frist Lady Michelle Obama for her support during the eight years and all she did for the country. He spoke to his daughter Malia and told him how proud he was of both her and her sister Sasha. He spoke about Vice President Biden and referred to him as his brother. He thanked his staff and concluded his speech by thanking the American people.

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