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Nursing Research Papers Custom Written

Nursing students often must do research projects on the theoretical side of their profession. Paper Masters offers hundreds of sample nursing topics or have our writers custom write a nursing project on the nursing profession, philosophy or theory behind the complex nature of the life of a nurse. From Dorothy Orem to Nursing mentorship, no topic is to complex for the writers at Paper Masters.


Nursing Research Paper Topic Suggestions

  • The Nursing Profession - In many aspects, the nursing profession has been marginalized, particularly in comparison to the valorization of the more prestigious profession of physicians.
  • Nursing Philosophy - Nursing Philosophy Research Paper delves into an order placed on a nursing topic with two parts one is the values and beliefs of the nurse and the second part is a creative section.
  • Theoretical Basis of Nursing - Theoretical Basis of Nursing research papers are custom written for you according to the Nursing module you present us with.

The Nursing Profession

Nurse Anesthetists - Nurse Anesthetists research papers are written about registered nurses in the role of an anesthesiologist.

Comprehensive Anesthesia Care - Discusses the comprehensive anesthesia care for postoperative nausea and vomiting on a female undergoing gynecological laparoscopic procedure/surgery.

Diagnosis Risk for Infection - The concept of “risk for infection” within the nursing profession refers to the likelihood that an individual who has recently undergone some sort of medical treatment will contract some sort of infection, be it opportunistic or pathogen-based.

Job Market - Nursing Job Market research papers overview the nursing industry and discuss the opportunities in nursing.

Leadership - Nursing Leadership Research Paper looks at an example of an order about nursing that needs to have the issue clearly stated, and the history on the subject matter.

Male Nurses - Male Nurses Research Paper examines the issues, and discrimination that men encounter in this profession.

Minority Nurse - Minority patients often feel more comfortable interacting with a nurse of the same minority background, making the role of a minority nurse extremely important.

Nurse Corps - Working as a member of the nursing corps, whether it is the United States army, navy, or air force, is one of the most prestigious positions for a woman wanting to serve her country.

Nurse-to-Patient Ratio - Nurse-to-patient ratio legislation will create many changes for the nursing profession.

Nursing/Physician Shortage - Nursing/Physician Shortage Research Paper explores an order placed for a research paper on a significant contemporary issue in health care.

Nursing Program Article - Nursing Program Article Term Paper looks at a sample of an order placed for a critical analysis of an article.

Nursing Shortage - Compelling evidence suggests that regions of the United States face a nursing shortage that our legislators, health officials, and medical professionals must address.

Patient Safety in Nursing - Patient safety in nursing naturally stands out as a topic of great concern for nurses themselves as well as patients and their families.

Nurse as Patient Advocate - Many claim that a primary nursing role is to be the patient’s advocate.

Patient Advocacy - Explore research that reveals that Patient Advocacy has taken off as a concept since the introduction of HMOs, and now includes the entire spectrum of the health care field: doctors, nurses, administrators, patients, lawyers, employers, government, and insurance company executives.

Patient Confidentiality - The importance of patient confidentiality should be reviewed in a nursing research paper that examines the ethics of advocacy.

Preeclamsia - As a nurse, it is important to remember that preeclampsia is not the same as PIH.

Preoperative Anxiety - An interesting nursing topic is preoperative anxiety, from the perspective of the nursing professional about to assist in the operating room.

Sexual Assault and Nurse Competency - Research discussing the importance of nurse competency after a sexual assault has occurred.

Solutions to the Nursing Shortage - Short-term solutions to the pay discrepancies, while being addressed, are not the only area of focus.

Spirituality in Nursing - Spirituality in Nursing research papers discuss the involvement of spirituality and spiritual expression in the nursing profession.

Telehealth and Nursing - Telehealth and nursing is a relatively new phenomena and includes important consequences for the nursing professional.

VPN and Healthcare - The use of technology in healthcare is explored through the use of a virtual private network.

Whooping Cough - Whooping Cough Research Paper delves into the rise of this disease and also the causes and symptoms as well as a history of it.

Nursing Philosophy

Communication Process - Communication Process Term Paper examines an example of how communication is used in the nursing field and the importance.

Culture Diversity in Nursing - As the nation’s demographics change, nursing professionals need to understand the needs of people from a wider range of cultural backgrounds.

Effective Communication and Nursing - Effective communication in the field of nursing is essential due to the serious position that nurses hold within the healthcare organization.

History of Nursing Education - The Protestant Deaconess Movement of the early 19th century in Europe is the beginning of the modern nursing profession.

Image of Nurses and Nursing - Image of Nurses and Nursing Research Paper discusses an order placed on an opinion research paper, but you but you must defend your opinion by giving examples and explanations.

Leadership and Nursing - Leadership and nursing go hand in hand. While many decades ago, the nurse practitioner was not looked upon as a leader, times have changed and evolved to put the nurse in a key position of leadership in today’s healthcare systems.

Diversity - The issues related to nursing and diversity include challenges in nursing education and challenges in the practice of nursing in a diverse environment.

Nursing Ethics Issues - Many nursing students will have to do research papers on ethical issues in nursing. With the litigious nature of society, nursing ethics are under the microscope in many health care organizations.

Mentorship - In the health care profession, the use of mentoring programs can enable newly-hired individuals or those who might have recently entered the profession to develop the skills and traits that the most seasoned nurses have come to embody.

Personal Philosophy of Nursing - A personal philosophy of nursing research paper should describe your personal philosophy of nursing. This essay will also examine the basic components of nursing from a personal perspective.

Society's Perception of Nurses - Discuss how Society’s perception of nurses is that of quiet, caring women and is this positive or negative.

Nursing Theorists

Betty Neuman - Write a research paper on the context of the Neuman model for the nurse.

Dorothea Orem - Orem is best known for developing the Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory and the General Theory of Nursing.

Jean Watson - Jean Watson Research Paper discusses the theory on human caring, and the values they should have.

Jean Watson’s Nursing Theory - Jean Watson’s nursing theory revolves around the science of caring and how much nurses express care for their patients via a holistic approach, as she believed that medical care, in addition to the emotional support a nurse shows his or her patient can make a difference in a patient’s health overall.

Leininger Nursing Theory - As one of the most profound nursing professionals, Madeleine Leininger is responsible for developing the concept of trans-cultural nursing, fusing the principles of the nursing profession with various cultural elements.

Mary Seacole - Mary Seacole Research Paper examines the contributions that this first nurse practitioner brought to health care.

Neuman’s Systems Model - Research papers on Betty Neuman’s Systems Model show that her model provides an excellent framework to understand the basic of delivering nursing care.

Roy's Adaptation Model - A Research paper on the Roy Adaptation Model point out that it is a nursing theory which involves careful application of methodology to determine positive and negative forces within the patient’s environment, psychological state, and social circles while undergoing healthcare treatment.

Sister Callista Roy - In 1976 Sister Callista Roy published her first book on nursing theory entitled, “Introduction to Nursing: An Adaptation Model”.