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Nursing Program Article Review

A common assignment on a Nursing Program Article Review is as follows:

A Critical Analysis of an article is extremely important to know how to write when you are moving through a nursing program. You will have to critically review many articles and journal articles throughout your nursing education and to be able to do this is key in getting through school. Have Paper Masters write a well-constructed critical review on a major or minor topic or issue in the a journal article that also evaluates the effectiveness of the compositional strategy used by the author to convey his or her message.

Paper Masters Suggests the Following Guidelines for Nursing Program Article Reviews:

Nursing Program Article
  1. First, identify and select a specific idea or opinion that the author conveys in his or her article. You may focus on the thesis of the article, or on a minor argument or opinion in the text.
  2. Second, evaluate whether you believe the idea is valid or not.
  3. Next, evaluate whether the message has been successfully or convincingly conveyed by means of the author's choice of figurative language and structural techniques. In order to succeed in this assignment, you must identify and analyze the impact of figurative language and structural techniques within the article you choose. You must also identify and analyze the author's use of fallacies.

Elements to Watch for in Your Nursing Article Review

Avoid stating personal values without providing appropriate evidence to support such statements.

Do not merely paraphrase this article or explain the author's argument. You must construct your own thesis statement and argument based on the topic or issue from the article that you are examining.

Research Component:
Use TWO secondary resources to support your analysis. One of your sources may come from the Internet as long as it is a credible source. Include your secondary sources in your list of references, and use correct citation whenever you quote material, directly or indirectly, in your essay.


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