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Nursing Philosophy Research Paper

Paper Masters specializes in nursing research. Our writers in the field of nursing have a vast amount of experience writing nursing philosophy research papers. Below, we offer an outline that shows you exactly how to write a research paper that includes your nursing philosophy and what elements should be included in your project.

The purpose of this webpage is to help you develop a nursing philosophy. Your nursing philosophy research paper project will have two parts.

Part One of a Nursing Philosophy Research Paper

Nursing Philosophy Research Paper Topic SuggestionsHow to express, in writing, your philosophy on Nursing:

  1. Begin by identify a values and belief statement you agree with. For example, perhaps Dorothy Orem or another Nursing theorist.
  2. Write out what the significance of the concept is (person, health, environment, nursing and trust)
  3. Be sure to include any nursing theories that relate to or have been used to develop the personal philosophy.

Part Two of Your Nursing Philosophy Research Paper

How to organize your thoughts in your Philosophy on Nursing Research Paper:

  1. Write about significant concepts include the metaparadigm concepts of person, health, nursing, and environment. Specific additional concept the concept of trust should be clearly defined.
  2. Nursing theory and synthesis.
    There is much written about the concepts and philosophy. Consider the theory which speaks deeply to you about the practice. You can use this section for emphasize the links between your values and beliefs and the concepts. Use at least 5 references to support your ideas in part one. It is a good idea to have at least 3 of your sources in your research paper as primary sources.
  3. The part two is the expression of the philosophy, is a creative part can be narrative like a write a small poem, painting, drawing, Part two one page is concerned with values and beliefs of the profession of nursing, been the concept of trust very important paper. The philosophy focus on providing a framework for asking ontological and epistemological questions about central concepts of the discipline. It also provides the assumptions that guide theories. Think deeply about values and beliefs.


Nursing Philosophy Research Paper Topic Suggestions

Communication Process - Communication Process Term Paper examines an example of how communication is used in the nursing field and the importance.

Cultural Competence in Nursing - Research papers on cultural competence in nursing discuss that nurses are expected to handle patients of different races, backgrounds, cultures, socio-economics statues, religions, and sexualities.

Culture Diversity in Nursing - As the nation’s demographics change, nursing professionals need to understand the needs of people from a wider range of cultural backgrounds.

Effective Communication and Nursing - Effective communication in the field of nursing is essential due to the serious position that nurses hold within the healthcare organization.

History of Nursing Education - The Protestant Deaconess Movement of the early 19th century in Europe is the beginning of the modern nursing profession.

Image of Nurses and Nursing - Image of Nurses and Nursing Research Paper discusses an order placed on an opinion research paper, but you but you must defend your opinion by giving examples and explanations.

Leadership and Nursing - Leadership and nursing go hand in hand. While many decades ago, the nurse practitioner was not looked upon as a leader, times have changed and evolved to put the nurse in a key position of leadership in today’s healthcare systems.

Diversity - The issues related to nursing and diversity include challenges in nursing education and challenges in the practice of nursing in a diverse environment.

Grand Nursing Theories - Grand Nursing Theories research papers discuss the nursing theories that have been developed for practice nursing.

Nursing Ethics Issues - Many nursing students will have to do research papers on ethical issues in nursing. With the litigious nature of society, nursing ethics are under the microscope in many health care organizations.

Nursing Teaching Plan - Nursing Teaching Plan research papers discuss the importance of education in the nursing profession.

Nursing Theories - Nursing Theories research papers look into the 3 different categories of nursing theory; Grand nursing, Mid-range nursing, and Nursing practice theory.

Nursing Values - Nursing Values research papers discuss the core values and beliefs that shape the nursing practice.

Mentorship - In the health care profession, the use of mentoring programs can enable newly-hired individuals or those who might have recently entered the profession to develop the skills and traits that the most seasoned nurses have come to embody.

Orem's Theory - Research papers on Orem's Theory discuss the theory developed by Dorothea E. Orem that focuses on the theories of self-care, self-care deficit, and nursing system.

Peplau’s Theory - Peplau’s Theory research papers discuss the middle-range theory of nursing that revolutionized the nursing field.

Personal Philosophy of Nursing - A personal philosophy of nursing research paper should describe your personal philosophy of nursing. This essay will also examine the basic components of nursing from a personal perspective.

Pharmacology for Nurses - Pharmacology for Nurses research papers discuss the branch in nursing that studies drug interaction.

Roles of Nurses Research - Research papers on the roles of nurses research discuss the implementation of cross-training nursing research programs at medical facilities.

Society's Perception of Nurses - Discuss how Society’s perception of nurses is that of quiet, caring women and is this positive or negative.

Theoretical Foundations of Nursing - Theoretical Foundations of Nursing research papers examine the professional field of nursing that was first developed by Florence Nightingale.