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Nurse Burnout

Nursing professionals face some of the most difficult work environments imaginable. From long hours to overworked staff to patients that are often in great discomfort and take their anger out on anyone who will dare to listen, it is truly remarkable that anyone remains in such a volatile position. Nurse BurnoutWhen nursing professionals become mentally, physically, and emotionally drained from the high-stress environment in which most of them function, it is understandable that some would experience what is known as nurse burnout. Some become cynical, not believing their contribution to the workplace is a positive one; others simply feel unfulfilled with the work they are doing and the impact they have.

One of the best ways to avoid nurse burnout is by altering one’s behaviors and schedule outside the workplace. It is important that the work life and the home life be kept separate; keeping work at work and home at home prevents one from obsessing over a problem during a time that one is supposed to be with one’s family. When this is combined with a healthy diet and adequate rest and exercise, the immediate impact on nursing professionals will be negligible. As more changes are implemented, though, and as more health care professionals see the value in striking a balance between what takes place at work and what takes place at home, the very culture itself will change. Short- and long-term implications will be adapted and, ideally, rates of nurse burnout will decrease.

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