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Nike Apparel Research Papers

A topic research paper should include an explication of Nike, the sports apparel giant. Paper Masters can examine the Nike corporation and their place in the apparel industry through a custom research paper.

A student would be asked to submit a detailed analysis of the External Environment of Nike — It is critical to examine Opportunities and Threats pertaining to the company and its’ business and business model. The student would be expected to produce a brief general outline of who Nike’s customers are and what business they are in AND Briefly discuss EACH of the following factors as it pertains to YOUR chosen company. Sports apparel giant, Nike:

Nike Apparel

Nike Apparel Paper Outline

Discuss the following separately and in the format of a research paper. Be sure to number each one, as it will be easier to discuss:

  1. Economics - Include a list of sources, graphs, charts and flow charts. Verify all of your calculations and their results
  2. Sociocultural - Include sources, both text and media sources (if it is relevant)
  3. Global - Include both current and future projections
  4. Technological
  5. Political/Legal - This is relevant to most, if not all companies.
  6. Demographic - Don’t assume that this is the same as the global discussion.

Discuss the Following in Nike Apparel Paper

  • Also briefly discuss the Industry Environment(you may answer this in a few paragraphs and in an essay format (the threat of new entrants, power of suppliers, power of buyers, product substitutes, and intensity of competitor rivalry) AND the competitor environment
  • You MUST use these opinionated sources:, Fortune, and Fast Company because you want opinions not just facts. Also use for information.

Questions: Please make sure your research paper strictly follows format giving a detailed analysis of the external environment of Nike examining its’ strengths and weaknesses.

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