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Research Papers on The New Pearl Harbor

This is a topic suggestion on The New Pearl Harbor from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

The book, The New Pearl Harbor Revisited: 9/11, The Cover-Up and the Exposé, by David Ray Griffin, is an excellent introduction to possible conspiracy theories concerning 9/11. Published in 2008, a student examining conspiracy theories regarding 9/11 will find Griffin’s book the perfect resource to base their research paper upon. The New Pearl HarborGriffin argues the following:

  • Over the years a tremendous amount of information has come to light concerning 9/11.
  • The government stories and personal accounts of 9/11 do not match along with scientific evidence that directly refutes what the 9/11 commission tried to tell Americans.
  • Any research paper written on 9/11 will have to address conspiracy theories due to the prolific presence of misleading information.

Griffin, in the new Pearl Harbor revisited, gives students the basis they need for creating a research paper on 9/11.

Griffin’s book is arranged according to topics or events that are part of the 911 narrative which guides the student in how the events unfolded. Many of Griffin’s arguments question the overall quality of the accounts that have been given by the government on exactly what happened. The 9/11 Commission Report served as Christians basis for much of the misleading information that the government put forth. Griffin is able to discredit and bring the reader to question discrepancies and inconsistencies that intentional deceit took place by the government.

When reading the new Pearl Harbor revisited and if you are planning to use it in a research paper, be sure to examine the authors source material. Part of good research is making certain source material is legitimate and verifiable. No student should ever take at face value the assertions of any conspiracy theorist. Even though Griffin’s book was published by a reputable of pushing house many of the things that Griffin suggests can be questioned. In the case of 9/11 there will always be questions and until some new evidence comes to light we may never know the answers. This fact in and of itself makes a research paper on 9/11 an excellent topic choice for any college level class.

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