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Research Paper on Neurological Diseases

Neurological diseases are disorders to the body’s nervous system. Abnormalities in the brain, spinal cord, or along the body’s numerous nerves can produce a wide range of symptoms such as paralysis, weakness, loss of coordination, or even seizures. The nervous system, generally protected by the chemical structure of the blood-brain barrier, can be highly susceptible to damage if the protecting membranes are penetrated. Neurological Diseases

Neurological Diseases and Genetics

The major causes of neurological diseases include genetics, congenital abnormalities, brain injury, and even environmental problems, such as malnutrition. Neurological diseases are generally classified by the primary affected location, including division between central nervous system disorders and peripheral nervous system disorders.

Examples of Neurological disorders are:

Various types of neuropathy and neuritis, the inflammation of a nerve, are examples of peripheral nervous system disorders.

Many neurological diseases do have neurosurgical treatments, including surgeries for Parkinson’s and Tourette’s syndrome. Other interventions include preventative measures, physiotherapy and other types of therapy, pain management, lifestyle adjustments, and medication. In 2006, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that as many as one billion people worldwide suffer from some neurological disorder.

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