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Netflix Company

How do you start a Netflix Company research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Netflix is one of the most successful companies to emerge in the last 10 years. The proliferation of video content on the internet has made the company Netflix an obvious success story. Paper Masters suggests you start a research paper on Netflix by telling a clever story to catch the reader’s attention. Tell the story of Reed Hastings, the man that started Netflix in 1997 because when he returned a video late he was fined 10 times the cost of the rental. Reed Hastings vowed to not charge late fees and Netflix has never penalized a single video renter since the day it began. No due dates and watch the video as many times as you like was Netflix’s motto that launched them into a global success story. Netflix Company

United States and Canadian Video Market

Netflix began concentrating on the United States and Canadian video market. It’s marketing plan was experienced little failure until a recent sixty percent DVD rental rate rise. The backlash from this service fee adjustment was so furious from customers that the Netflix stock plummeted, membership dropped and growth halted.

Netflix As a Company

A research paper on Netflix as a company will need to focus on the shareholders and the structure of the organization. It’s marketing plan will have to be dissected and the future of its marketing strategy examined. Netflix is an excellent company for a business major to study, as it has had the highs of success and the lows of utter failure from its marketing strategy. Reed Hastings, the company’s founder is still at the helm and his management strategy can be focused upon to provide insight into why Netflix has remained a leader in the entertainment industry.

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