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National Infrastructure Research Papers

Public administration research involved looking at the national infrastructure and how the government regulates and attempts to make it better. Your research paper on the national infrastructure can focus on the United States or any nation you choose because all our project are custom written according to your specific instructions.

The Obama administration recently announced a 50 billion dollar bill for investment into our national infrastructure. The pundits have given this package roughly a zero chance of being passed given our current political climate. This is surprising given the fact that the American society of civil engineers has stated we need 2.2 trillion dollars to bring our current infrastructure up to code. This includes:

  • Bridges
  • Roads
  • Railways
  • Public transit
  • Airport facilities
National Infrastructure

This investment would provide much needed jobs in addition to rebuilding out national infrastructure and ground work for future growth. Our crumbling national infrastructure is preventing us from meeting the demand of the future.

In addition to basic investment into such national infrastructure as raids and bridges, we also need a new smart energy grid to meet our future energy demands. This grid would allow us to more efficiently generate and distribute power. Given that fossil fuels will become a smaller and smaller part of our energy mix, it is imperative that we build this new grid to meet our future needs.

Given the current state of our politics and republican opposition to any efforts, it seems unlikely that we will rise to meet this challenge. I believe this will put us at a long term disadvantage in our competitiveness worldwide.

Large scale investment in national infrastructure is the exact thing we should be doing in our current recession. We have a large capacity overload and a large number of people looking for work. Government borrowing is at record low rates. Now is the time to put this capital to work rebuilding America and putting people back to work.

We have seen the results of our failure to maintain this critical national infrastructure. The bridge collapse is Minnesota is a good example as is the failure of the levies that led to the flooding of New Orleans. It certainly seems to be more costly to clean up and repair after a failure than to spend and maintain our current national infrastructure.

It is imperative that we see this as a national mission to maintain state of the art infrastructure in America. We need American companies to use this investment to innovate and provide solutions to our energy and national infrastructure needs. This will provide good quality wages to help rebuild the middle class while finishing much needed maintenance.

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