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National Education Standards

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Education is primarily a state issue. Governors and local school systems are often very resistant to federal intrusion and local educational systems are highly variable. Therefore, no uniform national education standards are enforced in the United States.

 National Education StandardsHowever, several national educational organizations and individual academic professionals have developed and endorsed their own versions of national education standards in the hopes of gaining state adoption. Most advocates of national education standards focus upon the development of a standardized, rigorous curriculum. Others aim to promote greater success rates within particular subjects or as measured through standardized tests. These recommendations are promoted due to concerns over fairness and educational quality. The adoption of national education standards would create a uniform system guaranteeing all students within the nation a minimum level of education.

In recent years, the federal government has taken a more active role in the development of recommended national education standards. In 2010, the Obama administration endorsed national education standards for English language and math learning for students in grades ranging from kindergarten to their final year in high school. These standards were developed in consultation with many state governors and several educational associations, including the American Federation of Teachers. Not every state in the country has adopted these national education standards but those that have share a uniform set of set of care subject standards.

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